Iontophoresis is a process involving electrical stimulation to deliver medication through the skin.

Iontophoresis: A Modern Approach to Medication Delivery in Physical Therapy

In the chiropractic industry, Iontophoresis is a revolutionary treatment method used to treat various conditions like bursitis, tendonitis, tendinopathy, and even managing scar tissue. Chiropractors use this technique to deliver mild electrical stimulation to deliver medication through the skin, which enhances the effectiveness of the drug

Here’s a closer look at how Iontophoresis works and its application:

Basic Principles

The basic principle behind Iontophoresis is that like charges repel each other, so when a negatively charged drug solution is applied and a negative electrical charge is given, it pushes the medication deeper into the injured tissue, allowing chiropractors to deliver the medication directly into the affected area.

Common Uses

Iontophoresis is a versatile treatment method and can be used for inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, swelling, edema, reducing calcium deposits, and managing scar tissue. It’s also hugely beneficial for deep-seated issues where applying the medication on the skin is insufficient, and you need something better to penetrate the muscle deeper.

Application Process

Your chiropractor will start by selecting the right medication based on the treatment goal. For this purpose, you need a prescription, and you’ll bring the medication to the session. The chiropractor will use an iontophoresis patch which will have a built-in battery and two electrodes—one for positive current and the other for negative. They will apply the medication to the negative electrode and place the patch on your body to allow the current to push the medication into the injured area.
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