Giving Back

Helpless Animals Life Project (H.A.L.P.)

Helpless Animals Life Project (H.A.L.P.) is a charitable organization registered in Canada with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a non-profit organization and in the USA as an IRS designated 501(c)(3) organization. It was founded by the award-winning Chef Oza of the Himalaya Dining Room in Windsor, ON Canada in 1978 as a result of several severe droughts that affected Rajasthan and many of the animals that live there. HALP is run by caring and dedicated professionals who devote their time and money to the care of neglected, stray, and diseased animals including dogs, cats, camels, and cows in Rajasthan, India. HALP provides food, water, shelter, veterinarian care and vaccination to the animals we take in, and 100% of the donations are used for the care of animals with no compensation to any of the directors.

Your donations will help take care of animals in the desert region of Rajasthan which faces many extreme droughts that harm animals every year! Please donate today so we can help save more animals that desperately need your help!

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