Spinal and Extremity Excercises

Spinal and extremity exercises are specially designed and crafted by medical professionals to promote healing and increased mobility for areas affected by injury or specific medical conditions.

Enhancing Recovery and Mobility: Our Effective Approach with Spinal and Extremity Exercises

At Royal Chiropractic and Dental Centers, our chiropractors widely use spinal and extremity exercises and integrate them into your therapy to help you recover and improve your overall mobility. These exercises are meant to address specific conditions to help your body heal naturally.

Here’s how chiropractors use these exercises to benefit their patients:

Targeted Exercise Regimens

Our chiropractors design these spinal and extremity exercises programs according to the specific areas of your body where you feel pain or face loss of movement, like the spine, arms, and legs. They make sure that the exercises they suggest help you strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility to increase your range of motion.

Complement to Chiropractic Adjustments

These exercises can greatly complement spinal adjustments by enhancing the benefits of manual manipulation. If you perform these exercises regularly, they can help you with your alignment, lead to longer-lasting relief, and prevent future discomfort.

Pain Management and Prevention

These spinal and extremity exercises are also effective in pain management and help reduce the stress on your musculoskeletal system. They help alleviate the pressure on your nerves and improve your body’s circulation. They also help your body prevent against injuries and degeneration.

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