These Four Knee Therapies Can Help Get You Back on Your Feet

These Four Knee Therapies Can Help Get You Back on Your Feet

These Four Knee Therapies Can Help Get You Back on Your Feet

Millions of Americans experience knee pain every year. Many of them don’t pursue the kind of chiropractic treatment that can eliminate that pain permanently and safely.

When needing chiropractic care, you want thoughtful and detailed providers who make you feel at ease, listen to any of your concerns, offer excellent service and work with you throughout your treatment. [Royal Chiropractic and Dental Centers is proud to possess all of those qualities. Take a look at these knee rehabilitation techniques that employ up-to-the-minute technology and knowledge.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment

As one of the most effective nonsurgical options, it increases circulation to the affected tissues, which reduces inflammation and accelerates healing. Each session stimulates cells to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which assists in repairing damage at a cellular level. Cartilage is healed and pressure around the knee joint is reduced. Therapeutic laser treatments are painless, noninvasive and without negative side effects.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

It’s some chiropractors’ initial line of treatment for acute damage such as a ligament tear. Neuromuscular stimulation can accelerate healing by raising the flow of blood to the distressed area, boosting range of motion and inhibiting atrophy in patients who can’t be on a regular course of exercise.

Whole-Body Vibration (WBV)

WBV was developed to restore bone density and muscle mass to astronauts who had spent significant time effortlessly floating in outer space. WBV makes muscles involuntarily contract at the same tempo at which the platform is vibrating. It also benefits patients who can’t perform strength train on their own.

Kinesio Tape

The tape gives stability and support to a knee’s tendons and muscles, thereby assisting your body’s natural healing process. Braces and other supportive equipment restrict the knee’s range of motion, whereas kinesio tape doesn’t. You can wear it for days at a time, and it doesn’t interfere with daily activities and the proper fit of leg garments.

We here at [Royal Chiropractic and Dental Centers are courteous, professional and friendly. We explain everything to our patients in simple terms and give them as much time as they need to ask questions. Please call us today to find out how we can serve you.

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