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Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting

At our chiropractic practice, we go beyond the basic chiropractic treatments. Our experts understand that many of the issues which chiropractic services are designed to resolve are stemming from much larger issues. For example, we often treat patients who have been afflicted by autoimmune disorders or inflammatory conditions, such as scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, neuritis, and more. It has been proven time and time again that dietary and lifestyle changes can result in marked relief from inflammation and the painful symptoms that go along with it. Because of this awareness, we offer our patients nutritional and lifestyle counseling in tandem with our traditional chiropractic services in order to promote more comprehensive and effective treatment programs.

Some basic nutritional suggestions to consider are reducing your intake of processed foods, adding more organic fruits and vegetables into your diet, investing in nutritional supplements that include omega-3 fatty acids and other crucial vitamins, and always increasing your intake of water. Our experts can give you the lifestyle counseling you need in order to maintain a more nutritional, while still realistic, diet that can be worked into your treatment plan.

When it comes to lifestyle choices aside from dietary changes, we have also found that patients who commit to performing specific exercises every day can greatly increase pain relief and improve the functioning of their spine. We can inform you about specific exercises that will be beneficial to your individual needs. In addition, our counseling sessions often include discussions of ergonomics and orthotics as a means of improving your daily comfort and functioning.