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Actual Testimonials

Lasalle Silhouette - Classroom guests teach students the ins and outs of special careers

Grade 7 and 8 students at school recently had the opportunity to get some inside information about a few careers they have considered.

Professionals from 16 different fields held classwook information sessions during Canada Career Week.

Included in the lineup was Dr. Mahavir Oza (chiropractor). The students were able to select four speakers to visit. They learned about how people in the various professions spend their days, when they decided on their career choices, how much education is needed and what opportunities are available.

Dear Dr. Oza

On behalf of the students and staff, thank you for participating in our "Career Day" program.

It is vital for our young people to be exposed to members of the community who possess the talents and expertise of successful people such as yourself.

We truly appreciate your willingness to share your valuable time.

- Guidance Department, Prince Andrew Public School, LaSalle, Ontario

Dear Dr. Oza

I want to thank you for your wonderful ways of relieving back pain. You did what seems to be short of a miracle for my painful back ailment.

Since having been hit by a moving car I have been undergoing various chiropractic treatments for now over 18 years. Although the treatments I've received have proven quite effective, there has always been residual pain.

After visiting your clinic I have discovered not only a very good chiropractor, but a truly sincere, caring doctor who keeps up-to-date with all the newest methods of treating back pain, with what I am sure is much personal effort.

Your careful chiropractic touch and logical approaches have resulted in, what I'm experiencing for the first time in 18 years, a painless body with intervals for up to 2 months at a time, as opposed to the precious 2 to 4 weeks with other chiropractors. I am impressed.

I would also like to point out that to relax my back muscles for further treatment, your german made whirlpool bath/pool is the outmost in therapy. I find myself, before entering the bath/pool, stiff as a board. But after 20 minutes I find my limbs have relaxed so much that mobility is effortless. Even more than that, my mind feels very relaxed. I find that the extra fee for such an effective treatment is 100% justified because it works!!!

Again, thank you for your kind attention and devoted service!

- Richard

Dear Dr. Oza

Thanks so much! I'm very grateful and without pain, for the first time, in seven months. I've been nervous of doctors until last week, and the pain just got so bad, I had to do something. So I said "why not". I can't be any worse and in only one visit, you took the pain away.

- Mildred

Dear Dr. Oza

Your kindness will long be remembered. So nice to have a few chats with your father.


Dear Dr. Oza

My sister, Elizabeth, Ann and myself wish to express our thanks to you for the kind way in which you looked after my dad.

We are much appreciative for your personal visit to the hospital and your generosity in not accepting the balance of the bill.

Thank you most sincerely.
- Mary

Dear Dr. Oza

I cannot thank you enough for finding the time in your busy schedule to write for me a letter of reference. As well, I would like to thank you for your wonderful treatments- my neck and lower back has never felt better. You are indeed a kind, caring and gifted individual.

Appreciatively Yours,
- William

Dear Dr. Oza

I want to express my thanks for the excellent presentaion that you made this past December 4th to the University's Health Class. The class members were enthusiastic about the material that you presented and the clear and demonstrative way in which you made the presentation. Class members were particularly impressed with the multi-jet whirlpool method of treatment.

In our discussions during the class period following our visit to your clinic, it was apparent that students had gained a much broader understanding of the nature and limitations of chiropractic treatment and of the clear alternative that it provides.

Once again, let me express my sincere thanks to you for the educational service that you have provided.

- Dr. Frank

Dear Dr. Oza

Thank you so kindly for the information on the hydroxeur. I have briefly gone through the information bookelt and find it very fascinating and I will most definitely take you up on your offer to come in and try it.

Again, I send you my thanks and if any of my patients need something of this nature, I will definitely send them to your office. See you soon.

- Dr. Angelo

Dear Dr. Oza

I'm writing to express my appreciation of the variety of therapy techniques that you use in treating me, including your unique whirlpool.

I've been a patient of yours for over a year now; as a long distance runner, I experience various aches and pains. I have learned that, by making an appointment with you when the first sign of a potential problem emerges, I can prevent a minor injury from becoming a major one. In the same light, as a full time college teacher, I experience a certain amount of stress, especially in the nexk and shoulder area. By seeing you regularly, I've been able to prevent chronic problems.

I've been intrigued by the scope of the treatments that I have received from you. I've observed that the particular treatment that is administered to me is highly individualized and is dependent on what you deem will be the most helpful and effective. At one time I may require an ultra-sound treatment. At another time, I may find myself on the traction table. Still, at yet another time, it may be restoring and renewing my health. Each of these various treatments has served specific purposes. I would not like to be without any of these options.

As a special note, the whirlpool that you have installed in your office has certainly been useful and beneficial in helping me maintain good health and a sense of well-being. After a whirlpool treatment, my muscles are completely relaxed and this wonderful feeling is retained for some time. I certainly understand the need for the additional charge for the use of it.

In closing, I wish you well in your practice and I hope to be one of your patients for a long time.

Sincerely yours,
- Betti